Network Cable Installation

Whether you need a new network cabling installation, repairs or alterations to existing cabling, your search for reliable, professional and affordable data cabling services is over.
Use our experience to your benefit by letting us deliver professional results and guaranteed workmanship in a friendly and efficient way. Our highly trained cablers are able to answer your every question and complete your installation on time and afford ably.

Our Services and Solutions:

- New Installations
- Changes to Existing Installation
- Repairs and Fault Finding
- Category 3, 5e, 6 (a,e) and 7 soloutions
- Cable mapping , trouble-shotting and certificate of new and existing systems
- Network switches, routers and hubs
- CCTV installation and maintenance
- Security system installation and maintenance
- Changes to Existing Installations
- Adding Points to an Existing Installation
- Relocating Data and Telephone Points
- Upgrading to Newer Technology
- Repairs and Fault Finding
- Cat 5 and Cat 5e Network Cabling Installation Perth
- Cat 6 Network Cabling Installation Perth
- Cat 6a Network Cabling Installation Perth
The solution of choice for media-rich environments, such as video and high-quality audio. Category 6a cable supports blazingly fast speeds of up to 10Gbit/s at a marginal cost increase over Cat6.